Siskiyou Co preparing for vote-by-mail

SISKIYOU CO., Calif.– Governor Gavin Newsom of California announced last week that all registered voters in the state will receive a ballot for the November election.

While several states like Oregon already mail out ballots to voters, Californians must still choose to opt-in to vote-by-mail. Otherwise, they will vote in person.

It’s an enormous undertaking for the state, but some counties are prepared. Siskiyou County said most of its voters already use mail-in ballots.

The trouble will be finding people to man the booths for people who choose to vote in person.

“I imagine a lot of people will not be interested working out in the public not knowing what November is going to look like,” said Laura Bynum, county-registrar for Siskiyou County. “A lot can change between now and then, it seems to be changing on a daily basis.”

The governor also gave California’s secretary of state a month to draft a plan on how counties should approach voting by mail for this election.

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