Sky Lakes Medical Center now ‘Blue Zones’ approved

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Sky Lakes Medical Center has been designated as ‘Blue Zones Approved’.

Staff at Sky Lakes are proud of their accomplishment. “Sky Lakes is the first Blue Zones approved work site in the Pacific Northwest,” said Tom Hottman of Sky Lakes. “And that deserves a celebration.”

Erin Cox of the Blue Zones Project said the designation began with a work site pledge, “There are a number of different best practices, ranging from putting together a wellness committee, to creating a meditation room.”

Sky Lakes has also removed sugar-sweetened drinks from their cafeteria, encouraged the use of stairs over elevators when possible, and urged workers to walk, or bike to work.

Hottman pointed out that all those efforts help to meet ‘Blue Zones’ goals, “Eat better, move more, and then respect our bodies, and our workplace with love and respect.”

A celebration to mark the achievement will be held at Sky Lakes Thursday afternoon at 3:30. The celebration will be held on the north side employees parking lot, across from Oregon Tech.

Erin Cox says she’s looking forward to the event, “I am excited because they finally get to celebrate all of their hard work.”

The Blue Zones project identified 5 areas on Earth where people live the longest, happiest lives. The Project aims to make the same healthy choices easier to achieve in other communities.

You can learn more about the Blue Zones Project, and becoming a Blue Zones approved workplace at:

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