‘Sleep in Heavenly Peace’ builds beds for kids in need

GRANTS PASS, Ore. —  Having a bed to sleep in at night is, unfortunately, a challenge for a lot of kids throughout southern Oregon.  Thanks to a non-profit, they’re working to change that.

‘Sleep in Heavenly Peace’ is building 30 beds this weekend to make sure every child has one.

“Our model is no kid sleeps on the floor on our town,” said chapter member Kathy Wallmann.  “There are so many children in Josephine County that are sleeping on the floor, they’re sleeping on piles of clothes, dirty mattresses.”

It’s all part of the organization’s national initiative.  It estimates 2.2 million kids in the U.S.
sleep on the floor every night.

“We have kids that had never had a bed in their life, 11 and 12 years old, never had a bed,” said volunteer Ron Terrazas.

The Josephine County chapter started in June of 2018.  Since then, they’ve delivered 200 beds to kids and families in need.

“It wasn’t just about a bed, they came and they really interacted with my son and made the whole situation an experience,” said one-time recipient and now volunteer member Tasha Robinson.  “He was so excited and he got not only a bed but the bedding, and sheets, and a stuffed animal and we actually really made a connection.”

Robinson said for her its come full circle.

“It was really important to me to give back to the people that freely gave to me and helped me out so now I want to give other people struggling the same chance,” said Robinson.

Volunteers built 15 sets of bunk beds to get 30 kids off the floor.

“We should not have children sleeping on the floor, anywhere in our country,” said Terrazas.

The non-profit said about 100 Josephine County kids are on a waitlist.

For more information about the organization or to request a bed, click here.

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