Small wildfire believed to be “holdover” from last year’s Klondike Fire

ROGUE RIVER-SISKIYOU NATIONAL FOREST, Ore. – Firefighters battled a small fire that they believe was a “holdover” from last year’s Klondike Fire.

On July 20, 2019, remote fire detection cameras picked up smoke coming from an area near Illinois River Road in the Wild Rivers Ranger District. This was the same area burned by 2018’s Klondike Fire.

Firefighters quickly responded and kept the fire to 1.5 acres in size.

A subsequent investigation revealed the fire, named the “Black Fire,” was probably a holdover from the 2018’s Klondike Fire.

“It’s not uncommon to experience holdover fires in the footprint of last year’s large fires,” said Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest Fire Staff Officer Eric Hensel. “Heavy fuels that hold substantial heat can continue to smolder over the winter, and then rekindle as the weather warms and dries.”

The Forest Service is taking the opportunity to remind people to stay informed on fire danger levels during the summer and beyond.

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