Smash away the stress in new Rogue Valley wreck rooms

MEDFORD, Ore.– A new form of entertainment has opened up in the Rogue Valley amidst the global pandemic and the owners say their goal is to help people let loose some of that coronavirus stress.

Crunch Time, located in downtown Medford, opened up with plans to hold escape rooms and wreck rooms – something new for residents in the valley.

“It was something that we felt could be needed right now with all the pent up frustration and things going on people might need an outlet to let out their stress in a safe environment,” said Robin Downward, owner of the business.

The business opened up pre-coronavirus but like most businesses changes were made and in order to keep people safe, the rooms were closed during the stay-at-home orders and initial phases.

“We opened when we could but we wanted to make sure that things were exactly the way they needed to be in order to keep people safe,” said Downward.

While the escape rooms won’t open until August, the wreck rooms have been open for several weeks for anyone looking to go a little wild. Downward says they have a variety of packages people can buy with plenty of antiques and old equipment for people to smash.

A pair visiting from Connecticut came to try out the rooms and spent time smashing a variety of items from plates to vacuums.

“It was fun to smash everything and breaking the vacuums it was just fun to do,” said Andrew Haller, one of the participants.

Safety precautions are in order and Downward says they are making sure to sanitize everything after every use. He says it’s all as a way to help people get out of the house, get a little exercise and give COVID-19 what it deserves.

“There’s a sense of wonderment about what it would be like to take a crowbar and smash something,” he said with a smile.

The escape room portion is set to open again the beginning of August. In the meantime, people can sign up for the wreck rooms online or by phone. You can learn more or reserve a space online at Crunch Time’s website here.

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