Smoke inside your home? Here’s a way to clean the air

MEDFORD, Ore.— Southern Oregon and northern California have some of the worst air quality in the world. It’s likely you’re smelling smoke inside their homes.

Here’s how you can clean the air:

  1. Get a box fan and an air filter
  2. Cut a hole in the middle of the air filter
  3. String the fan cord through the hole
  4. Once you plug the fan in and turn the air on, the air in your home will immediately start filtering.

If you do plan on trying this method and need to buy supplies, you should call ahead of the hardware store.

“Just before the fire, actually the middle of COVID I changed all my filters and I can’t find any,” Jan Purkett, a shopper at Dazeys Hubbard said. “I’ve been to several stores and they’re not available.”

Stores across the Rogue Valley are selling out of air filters and box fans.

Jackson County Public Health Officer Dr. Jim Shames says you can also try turning your A/C off to keep the air on the outside from coming inside.

Shames says the smoke can have serious health impacts.

“It can cause short-term like asthma and long term problems like heart attacks and strokes. so it’s serious business.”

If worst comes to worst, Shames says you can always wear an N-95 mask inside your home.

One method he says will likely not work for clearing the smoke is diffusing essential oils or boiling spices like rosemary.

“It’ll make it smell good!”

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