SOU steps up campus security for the Fall term

09-25-souAshland, Ore., — Campus security is gearing up for the year in light of the new safety recommendations put out by Governor Brown.

NBC5’s Nicole Stein spoke with the security director about their plans.

“I feel really safe on campus.”

Incoming SOU freshman Katherine Blank is gearing up for her first week of class, one thing she’s not concerned about is her safety.

“We have one person on duty 24 hours a day.”

Fred Creek, the director of campus public safety says it’s not something they take lightly.

In wake of the Umpqua Community College shooting nearly a year ago, Governor Kate Brown released new safety recommendations for all school campuses.

On the list, improved training for officers.

“Our staff goes through about 400 hours of training before they become certified in campus public safety.” said Creek.

And upgraded building security.

“We already have that in place, we already have, some of our doors are fobbed, some of our classrooms are fobbed.” said Creek.

With seven officers and multiple different safety services offered, Creek has faith in his team’s plan in case of an emergency.

“I have confidence in the local police department, I have confidence in the faculty and staff, and our plans and our training.”

Training — that’s easing student’s minds as they get back to class.

“I definitely feel that there’s no danger especially in the dorms, I feel really safe.” said Blank.

“I definitely feel safe on campus knowing that campus security is there.” said Tashauna Knight.

Creek and the rest of the school board is getting ready to implement a once month program for students and staff starting in October.

And then plan a required, one credit class, for all incoming freshman to take on campus safety.

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