South Medford High school’s “Radio Play”

MEDFORD, Ore. – this Friday a local high school is releasing one of their first audio plays. on December 18th the south Medford high school theater department will release Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol and Sherlock Homes. And on Wensdaytonight the group recorded the Sherlock Holmes play.

The audio plays are something new the department says it’s trying out after doing live zoom plays. Performers say the audio-only venue is a unique and fun experience.

“[We’re] More focused on how we sound and what we’re embodying through voice,” said senior student Ian Grady – who plays Sherlock Holmes. “Rather than how we’re physically portraying the character.”

Rebecca Read – south Medford high school’s theater teacher – told us, “I think one of the great things has been the students are so patient, and so understanding of the situation. And they just continue to┬ástrive, and strive and strive to keep things alive.”

You can go to ‘south Medford high school’s’ Facebook page to listen to the plays this Friday.

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