State bulk water program goes digital

MEDFORD, Ore.– The state’s bulk water program stepped into the internet age.

We told you this spring that the program is now completely online.

Instead of buying water in bulk from organizations like the Medford Water Commission you now simply swipe a card to get water.

The program was created by the state to better track who’s buying large amounts of water.

Legislators have told us another benefit is tracking legal and illegal marijuana grows and their water use.

The Medford Water Commission said so far the new program’s going great.

Manager Ken Johnson said, “there were so many long lines of trucks wanting to get water last summer that it began to become an issue with us doing and performing our work. So we set some limits to help offset that demand on this site.”

Johnson said the commission sold over 2 million gallons of water in June last year.

Over the last month its sold almost 800,000 gallons, considerably less.

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