Study: no amount of alcohol is healthy

(CNN) – There have been many studies over the years about the effect of alcohol on your health.

Excessive drinking is uniformly discouraged, but it’s been suggested that moderate drinking can be a good thing. However, a new study may dispute that notion.

Moderation has been a frequent rule of thumb when it comes to drinking alcohol. Past studies have suggested moderate drinking could even have health benefits.

But a study published Thursday in the journal “The Lancet” contradicts that idea, saying the risks outweigh the benefits. The study was an analysis of worldwide drinking habits and health risks.

And when it comes to your overall health, according to the study, there’s no safe amount of alcohol consumption.

The study linked alcohol to 2.8 million deaths in 2016 and drinking was the top risk factor for disease and premature death for people between 15 and 49.

Fatal illnesses associated with alcohol included cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The U.S. ranked fifth in alcohol-related deaths among men in 2016 and seventh among women. China topped the list. Russia and India rounded out the top three.

Still, some argue that the conclusion that there’s “no safe” amount of drinking doesn’t mean health officials should recommend avoiding a glass of beer or wine entirely.

One expert put it this way: there is also no completely safe amount of driving as it comes with inherent risks, but that doesn’t mean you should get rid of your car.

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