Study says California’s prop 47 is linked to rising theft

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif. —  The new report by the Public Policy Institute of California suggests Prop 47’s passage led to an increase in property crimes.

In Siskiyou County, Sheriff Jon Lopey says he’s seen a rise in burglaries, theft, and drug-related offenses.

Right now, he says there just isn’t enough accountability.

“We’re not just trying to put people in jail. We’re also trying to come up with prevention strategies and treatment regiments,” Sheriff Lopey said. “When they only have misdemeanor violations, they think a lot of times well I’m not going to go to rehabilitation because this is just a misdemeanor; you can’t keep me in jail.”

Supporters of prop 47 say it allows law enforcement officers to direct their efforts toward solving more serious crimes.

Researchers say there has been a recent increase in violent crime as well, but don’t believe it’s related to prop 47.

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