Most searched Thanksgiving recipes on YouTube by state

MEDFORD, ORE. — YouTube has really become a tool when it comes to searching for anything at life, including recipes. According to new data from Google, more and more people are using videos to help them with recipes. The company recently look at Thanksgiving meal searches and ranked them by state. You can see them below. You can also check out their full report right here.

Alabama: Turkey
Alaska : Mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce
Arizona: Mashed potatoes
Arkansas: Pecan pie
California: Mashed potatoes
Colorado : Pumpkin pie
Connecticut: Stuffing and mashed potatoes
Delaware: Mashed potatoes
Florida : Mashed potatoes
Georgia: Pecan pie
Hawaii: Stuffing
Idaho: Apple pie
Illinois: Mashed potatoes
Indiana: Pecan pie
Iowa: Mashed potatoes
Kansas: Cranberry sauce
Kentucky: Turkey
Louisiana: Pecan pie
Maine : Apple pie
Maryland: Apple pie
Massachusetts: Apple pie
Michigan: Apple pie
Minnesota: Turkey and apple pie
Mississippi: Pecan pie
Missouri: Turkey
Montana: Apple pie
Nebraska: Apple pie and pumpkin pie
Nevada: Cranberry sauce
New Hampshire: Stuffing
New Jersey: Mashed potatoes
New Mexico: Pumpkin pie
New York: Mashed potatoes
North Carolina: Pecan pie
North Dakota: Stuffing and cranberry sauce
Ohio: Stuffing and pumpkin pie
Oklahoma: Pecan pie
Oregon: Pumpkin pie
Pennsylvania: Stuffing
Rhode Island: Stuffing
South Carolina: Turkey
South Dakota: Mashed potatoes
Tennessee: Pecan pie
Texas: Pecan pie
Utah: Mashed potatoes
Vermont: Apple pie and pecan pie
Virginia: Cranberry sauce
Washington: Mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce
West Virginia: Turkey
Wisconsin: Turkey
Wyoming: Pecan pie

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