Question of the Day: Week of 3/11

Monday (3/11):

Q: Nearly 2 in 5 Americans say they do this when they’re expecting company. What is it?

A: Light a candle

Tuesday (3/12):

Q: 3 in 10 Americans say they can’t do this without looking awkward or clumsy. What is it?

A: Opening a bottle of wine

Wednesday (3/13):

Q: This is the only known MAJOR Disney Charactor who has a middle name. Who is it?

A: Donald “Fauntleroy” Duck

Thursday (3/14):

Q: There is a 70% increase in shipments of THIS, the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. What is it?

A: Cabbage

Friday (3/15):

Q: How many pints of Guinness will be served worldwide on St. Patrick’s Day?

A: 13 million

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