Suspect in fatal hit and run admits he knew he hit victim

GRANTS PASS, Ore.– The suspect in a deadly hit and run the day after Thanksgiving made his appearance in court Monday for arraignment.

Anthony Boyd Mooney, 25, watched and listened from a camera in the Josephine County Jail as the family of the victim, 31-year-old Joshua Perdue, spoke out about the actions that took their loved one’s life.

At one point, Perdue’s daughter, 11-year-old Hannah, stood up to read a letter she wrote to Mooney. Those in attendance listened as she tried to come up with the words written on her piece of paper.

It was too much for her though and her mother read the words in her place.

“I feel upset about your decision to drink and drive,” said Hannah’s letter. “You took my dad away from me and didn’t even try to help him. I’m only 11 and know you’re not supposed to drink and drive.”

Perdue was killed in the early morning hours of Friday, November 23. He was hit while crossing the street between NW 6th and F Street.

According to reports from the arresting officer, Mooney told police that he knew he hit someone but kept driving and went to a 7-Eleven to buy alcohol.

Mooney told police that he had been drinking before already and consumed eight beers before getting behind the wheel. Once he hit Perdue he kept driving because not only was he buzzed from drinking he also had a suspended drivers license and no car insurance. He also said he had consumed marijuana in the last 24 hours from the incident.

The report goes on to say that while Mooney was at the 7-Eleven getting more alcohol he also noticed his front grill was damaged and hanging off the front of his car. He says he moved it back into place but when police later found the vehicle, the front grill was missing.

It was later discovered that the grill had been placed in a burn pile according to Mooney’s statements as he was supposedly attempting to erase any evidence. Through all of this though, not once did he call 911 about hitting someone while he was driving.

Due to Mooney’s actions, he is being charged with manslaughter in the first degree, tampering with evidence, DUII, and failure to perform duties as a driver to injured persons.

His bail has been set to $250,000 and his next court date will be December 3.

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