Suspect rams deputies, injures officer during high speed chase in Washington

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. (KING) – A 38-year-old suspect in Washington led police on a high-speed chase that injured an officer and put others at risk.

During the chase, the man rammed into one police car then continued to drive away. The two deputies inside that car were not hurt.

The suspect then ran head-on into another police cruiser, injuring that officer.

A good Samaritan stepped in to help the officer as the suspect continued to flee.

Eventually, officers were able to bring the suspect into custody.

The good Samaritan, Carol McCall, said she tried to help the officer until paramedics could get there. “I got the neighbors next door to get a blanket just to try to keep him warm,” she explained. “Like I said, he was laying on the cold ground, and then he was cold. You know he was talking and stuff, and you could see he was in pain, and my neighbor, she got his phone and called his wife. He advised her, you know, he’d been hurt, not to freak out or nothing, and then the EMT guys were on their way.”

The officer was taken to the hospital for observation. It is not clear how severe his injuries are.

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