Talent family’s 4 dogs poisoned; owner says it was no accident

Talent, Ore. — A Talent resident is upping the security around his home and warning his neighbors after 3 of his 4 furry family members were killed. Ron Todd’s four Blue Heelers were poisoned in his own backyard, and he says it was no accident.

Ron Todd is warming his neighbors, “let ’em know that there’s somebody in our neighborhood that don’t like barking dogs.” When we asked him if he thought someone intentionally put the poison in his backyard, he said, “absolutely”.

Todd is fencing off a portion of his backyard, until he can ensure it’s safe again. A few weeks ago his 4 cattle dogs all became sick, they rushed them to an emergency animal clinic for treatment, but 3 of the 4 died.

“The first dog they did stomach samples and found some seeds in there that were uncommon to my property.”

Todd began to investigate what could be in his backyard, and took a sample of what he found to the vet.

“The vet right away said, that is strychnine, a rat poison, something they use to kill rodents in dairy farms and stuff like that.”

Todd was furious, that poison was in his backyard. A place his four furry family members had free reign, as well as his four small grandkids.

“They eat oatmeal for breakfast, and that’s what it looked like.”

Now he feels unsafe on his own property.

“I don’t know who’s lurking in the dark back here, trying to plan their next whatever they’re trying to do, cause if my other dog starts barking again what’s gonna happen then?”

Todd filed a police report with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, and now he’s making sure his neighbors are all aware. But he has a message for whoever’s responsible.

“Confess to it,” Todd asks, “stand up for what you did, take your punishment, no body should ever should do that.”

If anyone has information they’re asked to call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. JCSO says someone could face felony animal abuse charges if found responsible for maliciously and knowingly killing an animal.

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