Teen mom program welcomes OnTrack clients in light of referral freeze

Medford, Ore. — A local home that helps homeless teen mothers is hoping they can lend a helping hand to young moms who may be affected by the recent investigations at OnTrack.

When staff at Magdalene Home learned DHS was freezing referrals to OnTrack programs, they wanted to help. The house currently has 2 open rooms for a young mother who is pregnant or parenting, and far enough along in their treatment to be receiving outpatient services.

“We’re here to help, we’re here to help young moms to move ahead in their lives who really want to change and make lives good for themselves and their babies,” executive director, Tricia Prendergast says.

“My baby’s back in schedule, and in routine and we’re just so healthy and it puts me back in mama bear mode and the staff here is just so wonderful, and they’re so caring and everything that they do here and just the helping out is just overwhelming I’m gonna cry,” resident Molly Reed says.

The home generally accepts teen moms up to age 19 but would be willing to help a mom who is a bit older. For more information or to apply call the Magdalene Home at 541-773-5040. They are always in need of volunteers and donations too.

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