Texas recovery update

DALLAS, Texas (NBC) – a massive recovery effort is underway in Texas after last week’s dangerous and deadly winter weather left the state crippled.

President Biden has signed a major disaster declaration sending federal aid to help with the most costly weather event in the state’s history.

The deep freeze in Texas is finally over but millions state-wide now dealing with the fallout. Thousands are still without power and more than 8 million people are unable to drink their water.

Relief is pouring in. Over the weekend, President Biden signed a major disaster declaration, unlocking critical federal aid for hard-hit communities.

Officials in the state are now targeting outrageous energy bills. The governor announced a temporary ban on cutting off power if a customer can’t pay.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said this to the Today Show’s Hoda Kotb on Sunday: “The consumers should not be made to pay the price for these exorbitant bills.”

That’s exactly what happened to Scott Willoughby, who signed up for wholesale prices not knowing his rate could vary. So when the power supply went down, his bill took off.

Willoughby said $16,798 was taken directly from his bank account.

By the time Willoughby could switch providers, he ended up paying 80 times more than his typical $200 bill.

Some well-known Texans are pitching in to help. Beto O’Rourke drove a truck of water from El Paso to Austin. Senator Ted Cruz served firefighters BBQ after flying back from Cancun. Even Houston-born Beyonce offered emergency funding on her website.

Texans are looking out for their own even on South Padre Island where all those cold-stunned sea turtles were warmed up enough to return to the sea.

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