Thieves swipe dozens of guns in Minnesota

NC_gunshop0907_1500x845Millville, Minn. (KTTC) — A Minnesota gun shop owner says up to 80 guns were stolen from his store early Friday morning.

Surveillance video shows three masked burglars kicking down the door of Millville Rod & Gun on Division Street in Millville around 4:41 a.m.

In the video, the three burglars can be seen ransacking the store — taking ammunition boxes off the shelves, hopping over the counter, and breaking the glass of a display case to grab the guns inside. The trio got in and out in just over a minute.

Store owner Keith Shones believes between 60 and 80 handguns were stolen. He estimated the value of the firearms to be about $40,000. An unknown amount of ammo was swiped as well.

Shones’ home is right next door to his gun shop. He said his family was already awake when the burglars broke into his store.

“My wife was taking a shower, getting ready to work. Our daughter was staying here. She was up with her baby,” Shones said.

Shones then grabbed his gun, but the burglars had already taken off.

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