Thousands of dollars stolen from Siskiyou Humane Society

Mount Shasta, Ca.- The Siskiyou Humane Society is doing what it can to re-open this weekend after thieves broke in and stole $9,000 worth of money and supplies.

“I’m still numb,” Siskiyou Humane Society manager Kim Latos said.

The thieves stole and damaged dozens of supplies including a safe, computers, animal chip scanners, prescription drugs and other items.

“It was really devastating,” Latos said.

Latos received the text just after 7:30 Thursday morning and arrived on scene minutes later.

“It was really hard because we work really hard in this business,” she said.

The shelter opened in May and was in the process of installing a security camera when the incident happened.

“I’m just amazed the someone could come in and just steal from the animals like that,” Latos said.

Mt. Shasta police arrested 25 year-old Dylan Slade Thursday, but believes there is a possibility of additional suspects.

“We had some people come forward with some tips and together with the police department they got right on it,” said Latos.

Shelter employees are working on putting everything back together and hope to open Saturday.

“I appreciate everything that everybody does and when they come together it’s like everybody holds hands, they come together and they help us,” said Latos.

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