Tuesday marks one year since murder of George Floyd

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (NBC) – Tuesday marks one year since the murder of George Floyd, and memorials are planned around the country. Also, President Biden is set to meet with members of his family.

Floyd’s death is still fueling urgent calls for the federal police reform promised by the president but is now stalled in Congress.

There are remembrances planned in George Floyd Square throughout the day, and Minnesota’s governor is calling for a period of silence for nine minutes and 29 seconds. Of course, that is the amount of time that former officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck.

Now, members of the Floyd family are heading to Washington and are expected to meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as President Biden.

Some members of the Floyd family said that they are disappointed that Congress could not pass a federal police reform bill before President Biden’s self-imposed deadline, which was supposed to be May 25.

One of the key sticking points appears to be potentially ending qualified immunity, making it easier for people to sue police officers. Many Republicans don’t want that and it’s in the bill. Still, many activists say they are willing to hold out to keep it in.

As for Minneapolis, it’s a changed city, even from a few weeks ago, before the guilty verdict. The barbed-wire and the National Guard troops are gone, but there are still people here that desperately want to see changes to policing around this country.

Derek Chauvin’s sentencing is scheduled for later next month and the trial for the three other officers involved in this case has been moved until next year.

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