Pacific Power releases emergency shut off maps to help customers prepare for fire season

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Pacific Power is working on a plan to hopefully decrease wildfires this summer.  The company released a map earlier this week of potential areas where it may shut off power in the event of an emergency.

Spokesperson Drew Hanson said it would only be taken as a last resort to help ensure community safety.

“We develop these maps to help our customers identify if they are in an area high in risk, that they can be prepared and safe during wildfire season,” Hanson said.

Owner of Rogue River Inn, Candace Clark, who’s in the potential shut off zone said the shutoffs would impact her motel.

“I’m hoping that the power shutoff isn’t going to be too long in the heat of the day because then my guests and I would suffer there,” Clark said.

Clark said her area is surrounded by dry fuels and if a fire did break out, it would happen fast.

“People up and down this area try to keep things down because if it gets too tall, anything can take us out,” Clark said.

Store owner Jerry Cripps of ‘All of the above’ said if a shutoff was conducted, he wouldn’t have a generator and would need to close.  However, Cripps said he would be okay with it.

Pacific Power said they will notify customers if a public safety power shutoff is needed.

They advise the public to be prepared with a plan to ensure safety.

“Some components of that plan include having a two week supply of shelf-stable food and water for all the people and pets in your home and then also creating an emergency kit with flashlights, fresh batteries, solar phone chargers, and even consider first aid supplies,” Hanson said.

Pacific Power said customers with special needs should notify them so that they can provide additional outreach in the event of an outage.

For more information or how to view the maps, visit:

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