Rogue Valley Harmonizers deliver singing valentines

MEDFORD, Ore. – Valentine’s day is that one day a year that’s dedicated to showing your love and one Rogue Valley group has a creative way for you to say “I love you” this year.

Love is in the air, and the Rogue Valley Harmonizers are the ones who put it there. singing again this Valentine’s day the barbershop quartet has one goal to bring smiles and songs to lovebirds in a unique way.

“It’s just a special moment, just right place right time and people are generally so happy to see us there it just makes your heart flutter,” chapter president, Michael Biggs said.

“It’s really fun to add some joy and just be apart of them really remembering the day,” Singer, Tom Walker said.

The southern Oregon chapter has been harmonizing in the valley for over 20 years uniting more than 30 voices, but on the lovers holiday, you won’t hear them singing the top 40 hits.

“Songs that bring nostalgia back that bring back a simpler time, a time where love mattered and people cared for each other more,”

The Harmonizers performed all over the country, but it’s the singing valentines that have been a big hit over the years. This year they’ll be singing from Grants Pass to Medford, and wherever they’re called.

“We’ll sing over 30 to 40 times on Valentine’s Day and the day before in Grants Pass,” Director, Bill Borah said.

“There have been times where I just lost it in the middle of a song and was like okay you guys are going to have to sing without bass for a second here,” Singer, Doug Borngasser said.

Biggs says he loves getting up on the stage and belting his heart out.

“It’s the whole experience of getting together and when a chord locks and all four parts, we sing in close harmony, and when the chord locks it creates overtones and just creates joy in the heart,” Biggs said.

But all the Harmonizers agree the best part of their singing valentine is the reaction.

“This is up close and personal – when you’re this far away from who you’re singing to and you get a real-time reaction it makes it more enjoyable for the performer,” Borah said.

“It’s just like when you get a card in a mail rather than a text or an email its that extra special moment that you’ve taken a second to bond and really touch people’s hearts,” Biggs said.

You can still have the perfect Valentine’s Day with the Harmonizers for just $39. If you live in Grants Pass call Judy’s Grants Pass Florist & Gifts (541) 476 – 9001, or if you live in Medford or Ashland call Corinne’s Flowers & Gifts (541) 772 -7673.

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