Smoke from Canadian wildfires impacting millions of Americans

NEW YORK CITY (NBC) – Dangerous smoke from Canadian wildfires is making it hard to see — and breathe — for millions of Americans across the country.

Thursday morning, the White House took action as millions woke up to smoky cityscapes for a third day in a row, ordering all available federal firefighting assets to help contain the early-season wildfires ravaging that country and sending unprecedented plumes of smoke into the U.S.

New York City’s iconic skyline became almost completely unrecognizable throughout the day Wednesday, taking on an apocalyptic-like haze.

Thursday, air quality alerts are impacting more than 100 million people across 16 states, prompting many to reach for those pandemic-era masks.

From the Midwest to the Northeast and into the mid-Atlantic, the heavy haze triggered a domino effect of flight and travel delays.

Sporting events, including two Major League baseball games, were called off, Wednesday as schools in several cities canceled outdoor activities and Google advised employees to stay home.

The curtain even came down on some Broadway shows.

New York City has now recorded the worst air quality in the world two days in a row.

Its AQI — or measure of pollution — spiked above 400, well into the “hazardous” zone. Researchers say an AQI of 150 is equivalent to about seven cigarettes a day.

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