Smoke particles in the air could lead to cardiovascular disease

MEDFORD, Ore. — As smoke continues to cover large areas of Jackson and Josephine County, health officials are warning the public of the dangers of cardiovascular disease.

Wildfire smoke doesn’t have the same heavy metals and toxins as city air,  but those particles in wildfires can put a risk on the disease.

The greatest at risk are young children, those over the age of 65, and anyone with heart and lung disease.

Health officials are recommending to use N-95 or a P-100 masks.

Using other masks will have little protection from the dangerous smoke particles.

“Those mask don’t reduce the tiny microscopic particles that will easily go through the mask filter.  Which will further go into your lungs, and into your bloodstream and that’s where the real danger is,” said Dr. Jim Shames, Health Officer of Jackson County Health & Human Services.

Health officials want to warn everyone that smoke masks are only helpful if worn correctly.  If not, they won’t protect you from smoke inhalation.

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