Town of Tiller officially sold

Tiller, Ore. – Buying and selling a town is not easily done. However, after about three years on the market, the town of Tiller is officially under new management.

It cost the new buyers $3.85 million. The town of Tiller is tucked right in the middle of the Umpqua national forest. It was sold Monday after about three years of searching for the perfect buyer.

“There’s no way that this deal could of came together without a lot of cooperation by both the buyer and the seller,” Land and Wildlife Realtor, Garrett Zoller said.

About forty years ago, the Caswells slowly bought the town as a vacation area for their family. But once their parents passed, the Caswell children decided it was time for a change. When the listing was announced, it went viral.

“I was contacted by folks out of Netherlands, Finland, China,” Zoller said. “I have a complete database of people who contacted us just because of the world wide interest, it was just it was crazy.”

The town of Tiller isn’t anywhere close to being the most expensive listing for Land and Wildlife. However, the international draw and the viral nature of the sale, made it one of the company’s most interesting purchases.

“So I just think that the notoriety and the brand awareness and the analytics just went pretty crazy,” Zoller said. “It was a pretty nice deal.”

The new owners of the listing wish to remain anonymous at this time, but assure people that they have no interest in logging or the cannabis industry. They also say this won’t be a nudist colony either.

“But I do believe that their intent is to make it a positive experience and basically fixing the town up and bringing some e-commerce in there, while basically keeping that natural feel,” he said.

The people of Tiller are just looking forward to the potential this new development brings for the town.

“The future will tell, but I think its going to be good,” resident, Matt said. “It’s going to bring people up and in and be a little tourist town.”

Zoller says he believes the Caswell family will still be sharing input with the new buyers, but are happy about the sale and look forward to what’s to come for the town of Tiller.

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