Tree service in Grants Pass

Grants Pass, Ore., — A tree service in the Rogue Valley is preparing for the 10-15-treestorm the best way they can.

A to Z Tree Service in Grants Pass is preparing its workers for a busy weekend full of downed trees.

Though they haven’t been called to work yet, the company’s owner and certified arborer, Bruce Ziegler, says he knows they’re on call even if it’s in the middle of the night.

“Just simple things like our saws are fueled and sharp, our trucks are fueled and ready to go, and our guys even though they might want to take the weekend off, they’re kind of geared up.”

Ziegler says there are warning signs people can look for before their trees fall – by looking at the base of the tree or seeing how it does in the wind.

You can also call a tree service and they will likely come look at it for free.

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