Trespasser sets fire yards from Wednesday garage fire

MURPHY, Ore. — After a fire in Murphy destroyed a garage Wednesday, property owners say they encountered the man they think is responsible, setting another fire just yards away.

Sara Young says she’s had many problems with trespassers in the past — destroying her family’s property, making campfires, and putting her and other neighbors on edge.

Last night, she says her property’s caretaker encountered a man who was setting a fire just yards from Wednesday’s fire.

The caretaker called police and held the man there but he says when police arrived, the man threatened them with an ax and ran off. He says police came back with dogs to pick up the scent, but they were unsuccessful.

“If he came back immediately the next day after all the fire investigators and everybody left, then he’s going to come back after the dogs were here,” said Young. “It’s where he feels like he’s supposed to be and he doesn’t belong here.”

Young says she thinks people are taking advantage of the property being vacant.

Police are searching for the suspect.

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