Bride to the rescue

NC_bridecrash1013_700x394Tenn. — (WSMV) A Tennessee bride and groom recently took a detour on the way to their wedding reception so the bride could help on the scene of a car crash.

Sarah Ray has been a paramedic with Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services for more than five years. That’s how she met her husband, who does the same thing for a living.

“We got married,” Ray said. “Short and sweet.”

The grandmother, grandfather and father of the bride were involved in a crash after the wedding. Their car was totaled.

“We got a phone call saying that they had been in a wreck,” Ray said.

Wedding day or not, Ray said she and her new husband knew they needed to respond.

“The first thing I did was hop in the back of the ambulance with my grandmother to check on her,” Ray said. “She was there with the paramedic and EMT that responded.”

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