Debunking food myths

NC_foodmyths1110_700x394(WJAR) If you’re on Facebook or other social media you have no doubt seen ads that pop up, warning of foods that will make you fat or what you should consume to lose belly fat.

Bananas seem to be one of the most demonized foods in those ads.

“I don’t know. I think it might be because it’s a carbohydrate food,” says Registered Dietitian Karen Zangari.

But bad?

“It’s not the banana,” said Zangari. “A typical banana has about 60 to 80 calories. It has potassium and fiber. It’s something you want to include in your diet.”

Speaking of starchy foods, the potato has a bad reputation, too.

Zangari said they’re only unhealthy when they’re loaded with toppings like bacon, cheese and sour cream. She said they’re rich in potassium, Vitamin C and fiber.

Three ounces of baked potato has only 80 calories.

“So, you have a small amount, you drizzle a little olive oil and you have Greek yogurt, which is like a sour cream, and you’ve got a lot of nutrition there,” said Zangari.

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