Georgia woman in ‘chicken coop’ child abuse case gets 190 year prison sentence

NC_chickencoop1209a_700x394Butler, Ga. — (WLTZ) A Georgia woman has been sentenced to 190 years in prison after keeping her adoptive daughter locked in a filthy chicken coop.

Diana Franklin was found guilty on false imprisonment and cruelty to children charge. Prosecuters charged Franklin locked her adoptive daughter in a chicken coop, outhouse, garage and closet for weeks at a time with little to no food or water as forms of punishment when the victim would ‘steal food’ or disobey her mother.

“I never thought in a million years that I would be standing before the world, in a pair of handcuffs, for doing nothing more than loving someone who needed love,” Franklin said.

Judge Bobby Peters said Franklin’s lack of remorse deserved no mercy when it came down to his sentencing decision.

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