Gifts roll in for stood-up birthday boy

Lake Station, Ind. — A grandmother in Indiana was outraged when her grandson, who had brain surgery, was stood up by his friends on his birthday.

But this story may have a happy ending, as some complete strangers are now making it up to him.

Gerald Hamilton’s grandmother Amelia Lara said on the day of his birthday, nobody showed up to the party. She says, “5:00 came and his mom said, ‘Maybe we should cut the cake.’ And Gerald said, ‘but one of my friends might come.’ And none came.”

Amelia says it’s heartbreaking, and that he’s just a kid who wants friends to play with. So, she went to Facebook. “It’s my mission to have as many cards mailed to my little guy,” she said.

Do date, that post has been shared 3,500 times. “It’s remarkable and almost overwhelming,” said Amelia.

Gerald has been overwhelmed with gifts from strangers. Just a few of the gifts included a bike, a breakfast, a $100 bill, a badge from police officers. Amelia says, “He now knows there are people who care.”

Gerald has had many major skull expansion surgeries and often feels alienated. When asked what he would choose if he could have anything, he responded, “Friends.”

It looks like Gerald may have a new friend after all, the family of a boy who had the same surgeries got in touch with Gerald’s grandma. A play date for the two boys is now in the works

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