Trapped miners rescued

NC_minerescue110107_700x394(NBC News) A group of 17 miners are safe after spending more than ten hours trapped hundreds of feet below ground at a Lansing, New York salt mine.

A crane was brought in to assist with extricating the miners after their elevator became stuck.

The 17 miners were starting their shift Wednesday night when the elevator got stuck about 900 feet underground.

Cargill officials remained in contact with the trapped miners and rescue crews were able to give the workers water.

Mine manager Shawn Wilcynski says he’s grateful rescue teams were trained, though he hoped the skills would never be used.

“I also think all the training that we’ve done, we do have two mine rescue teams that train locally and collaborate with the local agencies on a consistent basis and that collaboration and that cooperation paid off. Again, this is something that you hope that you never have to use but when it comes to fruition that it ends the way that it has today,” Wilczynski said.

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