Use of force during Portland suspect’s court appearance under scrutiny

PORTLAND, Ore (KPTV/CNN) – Video of Clark County deputies physically forcing a man to appear in an Oregon court Tuesday is raising some eyebrows.

The sheriff’s office said David W. Carpenter refused to voluntarily appear before a judge. He’s accused of stabbing a stranger at an Applebees.

Court video shows two deputies bring Carpenter into the video arraignment room followed by several more. They use force to put him in the chair and Carpenter doesn’t answer questions from attorneys about his name or date of birth.

One deputy appears to be stepping on Carpenter’s foot with another restraining his head.

Deputies also put a cover over his head shortly after. Carpenter starts screaming, “You’re killing me! You’re killing me, you’re killing me!”

Deputies at one point told Carpenter to relax but the struggle continued as the judge, prosecutors and defense attorney discussed Carpenter’s charges, criminal history, bail and competency.

The total appearance was just over four minutes.

It ended after the judge said he’s an “extreme danger to society” in his current state and set his bail at $750,000.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office said Carpenter refused to voluntarily appear before the judge and, “Carpenter resisted his movement to the video arraignment and force was subsequently used so first appearance could take place.”

According to the sheriff’s office, the deputies involved will have to complete use-of-force reports. They say it is standard procedure. The chain of command will then decide if the use of force was approved or determined to be out of compliance with policy.

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