Girl receives new bike from police after her’s was stolen

Medford, Or.- A Medford woman is thanking police for replacing her daughter’s bike after it was stolen on her birthday.

“At some point Sunday night someone decided to come on our porch and take her bike,” Erin Perry said.

Perry’s daughter, Cadence just turned eight this weekend. She gave her daughter a new bike, but hours after Cadence opened her gift, it was stolen for her.

“It’s one thing to take something from me but to take something from my kids especially something they just got and something they were super excited for is not okay,” Perry said.

Perry reported the theft to Medford Police.

“I just want to put it out there that it was stolen and that if they came across it that it was my daughter’s,” she said.

But Perry never expected what came next. On Monday night, Medford police Cpl. Randy Jewell arrived at Perry’s house with a surprise for Cadence – a new bike.

“I felt happy because I got a replacement for my bike and it came with a lock,” Cadence said.

Perry says she thankful for the gift and she’s happy to know the positive impacts police officers can make.

“I’m hoping that this experience will really sticks with her,” Perry said. “She will know that not everybody is a bad person and that there are good people out in the world that want to help.”

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