Southern Oregon BMX tied up its state qualifying championship races

MEDFORD, Ore.— It’s non-stop racing when the gate drops. Hundreds gathered from across the northwest to compete in the qualifying championships here in southern Oregon.

For some riders, they say they crave the excitement and thrill of riding.  From the ages of 1 to 62, riders of all ages came out to compete.

“You got to be willing to learn, be able to take direction, and dedication, and also you got to have a drive… passion.  A lot of kids have a great passion for it,”  said President Kipper McNeal of River City BMX.

Every run may not be smooth, that’s why some say it takes a lot more than just practice.

“It definitely makes me focus more because when your in the gate, you just got to lock in and just get your head in the game and get ready to go,” said Troy Newton.  He has been racing since the age of four.

Sophia Rodriguez who has been racing for 3 years, has already competed in the world championships.  She says her and her father have been traveling all over.

“So now were going to Utah to Texas.  You’re just traveling all over the place,” said Rodriguez.

But one thing that stays the same is a growing love for the sport.

“The sport is always progressing, its always going forward. There’s other ways you can be involved.  Just by giving back to the sport and giving back to the younger riders,” said racer Taylor Stephens.

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