Washington classroom offering students flexible seating options

1017-seating-options-2Woodland, Wash. – Two teachers at a Woodland, Washington school started offering flexible seating options to their third-grade students with hopes that it will allow them to learn more effectively.

The Woodland School District said Jennifer Crosby and Megan Lascik’s classrooms offer kids different types of seating to fit their energy levels. Students can lie down on the carpet, wobble on wobble stools, or bounce on yoga balls.

“Over the past two years, I have done a lot of research into helping students become more active participants by guiding their own learning,” said Crosby. “I read countless articles and blog posts from teachers throughout the United States who sing the praises of flexible seating and how it empowers student learning.”

The school said the students took the concept of flexible seating well. Lascik said, “At first, there was some novelty as students wanted to do what their classmates were doing. Students started realizing fairly fast that they should sit however fit their needs, not whatever their friends were doing.”

Both teachers say the bouncing and wobbling doesn’t distract their class, it actually seems to have a positive impact on student behavior. Crosby said, “I have noticed positive impacts on their behavior where they are often calmer and seem less restless.”

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