Washington State coffee shop receives outpouring of support following arson attack

SHORELINE, Wash. (KING) – Black Coffee Northwest in Shoreline, Washington was set to open earlier this month but had to postpone after they were hit by an arsonist.

On Saturday, the news of their soft opening had spread and lines of cars stretched around the block.

“As crazy as the world is right now this is just a breath of fresh air,” said Erwin Weary, the co-owner of the Black-owned coffee shop.

It was a welcome sight for Weary and his family, especially given how much they’ve had to overcome.

In a region where coffee shops are everywhere, Weary said this one is going to be different by being a Black-owned business that doesn’t steer a conversation away from race but instead encourages it.

“That’s what the goal was, to really bring the community together and introduce people to a different culture and really introduce people to a different side of business,” Weary said.

Just before their grand opening in late September, someone smashed a window and tried to catch the building on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

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