Water levels higher than usual at Lost Creek Reservoir

Lost Creek Lake, Ore., — Don Carr is an avid fisherman in Southern Oregon.

It’s something he looks forward to every season, but this year fishing is different.

“This year the water level is so high, I think fishing is a little slow.”

Water levels at the Lost Creek Reservoir are affecting the river levels.

“The reservoir here at Lost Creek is virtually full.”

That means the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has to release more water from the reservoir into the river, causing higher levels than years past, and making fishing more challenging.

“Usually the banks should be lined by now, you should be catching fish.”

But it’s not just fishing that is being challenged by the river levels.

Jim Buck, the Operations Project Manager at the Lost Creek Reservoir says those wanting to raft, need to be cautious.

“Anyone on the water have a life jacket on. It will be especially important to have that particularly early on, in this later spring, early summer, because the river is gonna be higher, the water is exceptionally cold, it’s swift.”

Buck says right now only very experienced rafters should be on the water.

“If you’re in the raft, because the river is wider, there’s a tendency to push the raft underneath over hanging limbs.”

While this isn’t the best news for boaters and fisherman, there is an upside.

“Lost Creek is virtually full, and is going to stay full longer than the most recent years.”

That means boating, water skiing and all the other water sports can enjoy the warm weather longer in to the year.

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