White City break-in and shooting


White City, Ore.–  A car break-in suspect is recovering after being shot this morning in White City.

Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Agate Road and Leigh Way around 8 o’clock this morning for a report of a truck break-in.  When the truck owners arrived at their car deputies say they shot the suspect.

“A couple duck hunters had left their truck here in the parking lot and came back and found that the person that was shot was breaking into their vehicle,” says Patrol Sergeant Rick Kennedy.

According to officials the duck hunters shot at the break-in suspect as he tried to get away.  His clothes were still lying at the crime scene when we arrived, along with the hunters shotguns.

The break-in suspect was taken to the hospital.  No word on his condition at this time.  The hunters are being questioned as the  investigation continues.

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