Wilderville Lane residents speak out after shooting

Wilderville, Ore., — “Well it’s nice it’s peaceful, but there’s quite a bit of thieves that come through here.”

Robert O’Brien has lived on Wilderville Lane for most of his life.

He says it used to be a great place to live, but in recent years it’s gone downhill.

“My house is the one of the only houses that doesn’t grow on this whole road. And ever since then there’s been more traffic through here, a lot more thefts, a lot more break ins. All kinds of stuff.”

O’Brien says just in the last few months, three homes have been broken into.

That’s why when he heard one of his neighbors had shot a possible intruder, he wasn’t surprised.

“Oh no, god no, the middle of day I thought it was a little weird but given the standards of where we live, there’s a lot of tweaks here. There’s a lot of heroin that runs rampant through here.”

Police say Rudy Perez was shot several times Monday.

The man who says he shot him claims Perez was trying to break into his house.

He has security cameras around the property, and says they show Perez trying to break down his front door.

“There were cops every where, everyone was kind of frantic around here.”

While O’Brien didn’t see what happened, he wasn’t surprised to see police activity on his small road in rural Josephine County.

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