Wisconsin a big test for presidential candidates

Madison, Wisc. (NBC) — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, were playing defense Tuesday morning. A loss in Wisconsin for Trump could further divide support leading to a contested convention.

At events in the Badger State, the Republican frontrunner lashed out at Governor John Kasich for staying in the race. “Kasich – I don’t think he’s a player here. The guy’s 1 and 32,” said Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate, “He’s taking my votes, you have to get over 50-percent.”

Senator Ted Cruz also seemed frustrated the Ohio Governor could be taking valuable votes.

John Kasich says he’s glad both his competitors are upset, “I’m glad they’re both nervous about me taking delegates cause the more that we can get a message out there the better we’ll do.”

For Democrats, a Wisconsin loss by Hillary Clinton could give Senator Bernie Sanders the boost he needs. “The Momentum that you are feeling and that I am feeling in this campaign,” said Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic Presidential Candidate.

As Sanders campaigns in Wisconsin, Clinton moved on to New York targeting the Republicans. “They all want to take us back to trickle-down economics. And we cannot allow that happen,” said Sec. Hillary Clinton, Democratic Presidential Candidate

Still, Sanders holds a slight edge in Wisconsin polls.

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