Wolf attacks calf in Lake County

Wolf OR28 (courtesy of ODFW).

Wolf OR28 (courtesy of ODFW).

Lake County, Ore. – According to ODFW, on September 28, a cattle producer on a Forest Service grazing allotment saw a calf with severe injuries to its back legs. A wolf attack was suspected.

ODFW said the live calf was examined the following day. It was estimated the calf was injured at least two-weeks prior to being found.

Wildlife officials said the calf’s injuries were consistent with a wolf attack. GPS radio-collar data shows wolf OR28 was in the area at the time the calf was injured. OR28 is known to travel between Lake County and Klamath County. She was collared on June 7, 2014.

According to the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, wolves don’t automatically prey on livestock, but if they are encountered, they are likely to depredate sporadically.

Current Oregon law allows lethal action to be taken if the wolf is found in the act of attacking livestock, or if the wolf is involved in chronic livestock depredation. Officials will use a non-lethal deterrence plane to prevent future attacks.

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