Woman sentenced for murder of infant daughter

REDDING, Calif. – A Northern California woman was sentenced for the murder of her five-day-old baby.

According to KRCR-TV, Heather Brown and the baby girl’s father–Daylon Reed– were both 21-years-old when their infant died on November 3, 2014.

An investigation revealed Brown delivered the baby in Redding-area hotel room on October 14, 2014. The couple told police they didn’t want to go to a hospital because Brown used heroin throughout her pregnancy and their baby could be born dependent on the drug. They thought if they saw doctors, the child would be taken away.

After the baby was born, it shows signs of withdrawal. Police said Brown continued to use heroin and started using methamphetamine while breastfeeding the infant. Reed supplied her with the drugs.

On November 3, the baby died. Her cause of death was determined to be “polypharmacy-heroin and methamphetamine dependence/addiction.” She also showed signs of neglect, including dehydration and extreme diaper rash. An autopsy revealed the level of drugs in her system would be toxic to an adult.

Brown and Reed were formally charged with murder on May 7, 2015.

On November 13, 2017, the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office announced Heather Brown was sentenced to 25 years to life plus three years in state prison for the death.

Daylon Reed pleaded guilty earlier this year to child abuse and admitted he contributed to the death of his five-day-old daughter. He also pleaded guilty to other drug related felony charges. He was sentenced to 18-years in prison.

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