Yellowstone flooding triggers ‘statewide disaster’

YELLOWSONE NAT’L PARK, Wyo. (CNN) – Nature’s wrath has triggered conditions so dangerous at Yellowstone National Park that every entrance to the park across three states is completely closed off.

Well over 10,000 visitors have now fled the park and officials signaled the park’s reopening remains uncertain until damage from record-breaking flood waters can be assessed.

Entire buildings have caved in, rushing waters swallowing them whole.

A statewide disaster has now been declared in Montana as the Yellowstone River swelled to historic levels, the highest seen in more than 100 years.

Catastrophic flooding across the region spans Yellowstone National Park and the Montana-Wyoming border.

Relentless rains and rapid snow melt equaling up to two to three months-worth of precipitation have saturated the park in only three days.

From the upper Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic, nature’s fury is being felt in the form of violent storms.

On the heels of those violent storms comes sweltering, record-setting heat in some of those same regions.

For hundreds of thousands now without power across multiple states, it’s a situation that could turn deadly if electricity isn’t restored quickly.

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