Bike Right

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Bike Right -Whether you have children who are learning to ride or you commute to work on a bike or cycling on mountain trails is your way of relaxing, bicycle safety is important at any age. The statistics about accidents involving bicycles are eye-opening, but there are things you can do to prevent most, if not all, of these from happening to you and your loved ones. This information, and these tips from our bicycle pro, are for you to use and share. Don’t learn safety by accident!

Bike Right: Tire Pressure

Ted from Don’s Bike Center shares tips on proper bike tire pressure and outlines some of the potentially hazardous situations than can be avoided by maintaining proper tire pressure.  

Bike Right: Bike Riding Safety

This animated video graphically demonstrates how to be a cautious bike rider, covering everything from inclement weather to unexpected road hazards. To read more about bicycle safety, please visit: