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“Super lice” on the rise

(WBAL) — September is National Lice Awareness Month, but most people aren’t aware of those cringe-worthy critters until they’re dealing with a full-on infestation. That was the issue Stacey Cole faced when her children became infested with lice. “I just didn’t know …

New device targets seizures

Houston, Texas (KPRC) — Brandi Pipes hopes to publish a book one day. “I’m collecting stories from epileptics all over the world,” she explains. But complications from her own epilepsy make independent living, driving, and even reading impossible. “Reading started hurting me,” …
0830 smoke

Air quality in the Rogue Valley

Jackson County, Ore. — If you’ve been outside at all you’ve probably seen the smoke from the Gap Fire in the Rogue Valley. Staying indoors during when the smoke is prevalent is the best thing you can do to protect your lungs. …

Generic Epipen on the way

(NBC News) — After enduring sharp criticism for dramatically raising its prices, drug maker Mylan has announced it’s launching its own generic version of the Epipen. The generic will be listed at $300, half the cost of the brand-name Epipen. Mylan’s CEO …
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