Better Health: Volunteering

The following is sponsored content: NBC5 has teamed up with Asante to bring you Better Health, a segment to bring you tips on staying healthy. This week, we talk about the health benefits of volunteering.
Tank of Gas Getaway - Discover Klamath

Wildlife Safari

Your kids probably told you great stories about their field trips to Wildlife Safari. But for whatever reason, you just couldn’t join them as a parent chaperone on the school bus. But now it’s your turn! In this week’s Tank of Gas …
Tank of Gas Getaway - Discover Klamath

Wildlife Images

For this week’s Tank of Gas Getaway we’re heading to Wildlife Images, where you can have a ton of fun, learn something new and properly social distance…which is about the wingspan of a turkey vulture. https://wildlifeimages.org/

Bike Right: Tire Pressure

Ted from Don’s Bike Center shares tips on proper bike tire pressure and outlines some of the potentially hazardous situations than can be avoided by maintaining proper tire pressure.