CenturyLink could be cutting Oregon jobs

Update (09/22 2:00 p.m.) — A CenturyLink spokesperson said in an e-mail sent to NBC5 News, “We are not focusing on a specific group of employees or states. We are making adjustments to meet the needs of the business. We do not …

Recycling will cost you more

Medford, Ore.– You may have to pay more to recycle.  Rogue Disposal and Recycling Inc. explained its plan to increase customer costs to Jackson County Commissioners Tuesday morning, outlining an increase of $2.19 per month for residential customers and an increase of $17.95 a …
0907 Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer online shopping

Medford, Ore.– Fred Meyer in Medford is hoping to making shopping more convenient with their new online order and pick-up service.  It’s called “Click List” and according to a store manager, shoppers can buy food, health and beauty products on their website, choose a …
0824 Erickson Air Crane

Layoffs at Erickson Air Crane Inc.

Central Point, Ore. –KOBI-TV NBC5 has confirmed Erickson Air Crane laid off approximately 100 workers this quarter. The company would not say how many of those employees were based in southern Oregon, although an employee who spoke to KOBI-TV NBC5 estimated as …
tea on food truck

Food trucks deal with extreme heat

Medford, Ore. — Rogue Valley weather has it’s perks, in particular our mild winters make for much longer seasons for businesses like food trucks. But this week has been tough, and the extreme heat has those cooking on the food trucks, feeling as …
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