Energy Trust Success Stories

Since 2002, Energy Trust has been dedicated to helping 1.6 million customers transform their homes and buildings with energy-efficient upgrades. These stories represent some of the many ways families and businesses have benefited from energy savings and renewable power.

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Success Story: Grants Pass Water Restoration Plant

The Grants Pass Water Restoration Plant collects wastewater from its 37,000 residents and discharges the cleaned, treated water into the Rogue River. The treatment process is an energy-intensive one. The city manages an average of five million gallons of wastewater daily resulting …

Success Story: Medford School District, Medford

Medford School District upgraded lighting in several schools and renovated or constructed six schools to standards exceeding Oregon Energy Code, taking full advantage of Energy Trust services and cash incentives. These investments save the district more than $70,000 in energy cost every …